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Updates from the 2023 Legislative Session!

February 21st, 2023

Dear Friend,

I can’t believe we are already at day 41! This legislative session has gotten off to a fast start. So far I have had hearings for 7 of the 14 bills I have introduced. I will admit that I have not gotten to post as much on social media these last 41 days - but that’s because I’ve been doing the work. As a working Mom juggling as so many of us parents do - some of these hearings I was accompanied by my son :)

All of the hearings on my legislation have gone very well, and I’m looking forward to updating you as these bills work their way through the legislature. Below I have a short synopsis of all the legislation I have introduced so far - special shout out and thank you to all those advocates who have come out to testify and support my legislation!

- HB 276 - Education - Libraries - Funding: This legislation will ensure that library funding continues past FY 2027, and safeguards that our libraries are supported with the resources necessary to adequately provide the services that our residents need and deserve. This bill received support from AACPL, MACO, and the Parent Advocacy Consortium.

- HB 441 - Election Law - Campaign Finance - Draft Committees and Exploratory Committees: will ensure transparency by requiring that draft and exploratory committees comply with campaign finance disclosure laws; limit the purpose for which funds can be expended; and establish specific processes for dissolving these committees. This bill received support from the Attorney General’s Office as well as Common Cause MD.

- HB 508 - Property Tax Credit - Disabled Law Enforcement Officers and Rescue Workers - Definition and Eligibility: would require a county or municipality to define who is a disabled law enforcement officer or rescue worker to expand an already existing tax credit to disabled federal officers. Currently, only State Officers are able to receive property tax credits based on their disability from service. This shows how we value these Federal Officers from Maryland, their

families, and their dedication to our country.

It shows our intent on retaining these brave men and women in Maryland as neighbors, community members and heroes. Like my friend Mark, a friend, Anne Arundel resident and disabled federal agent, who came to testify in support. This bill received letters of support from the Maryland General Assembly Veterans Caucus, United States Capitol Police Labor Committee, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Associations, and the Maryland Association of Counties.

- HB 369 - Education – State Library Resource Center – Funding: this bill seeks to minimally increase funding for the State Library Resource Center (SLRC) over a 7 year period at the rate of inflation. SLRC is the State Library for Maryland. SLRC supports our local libraries and bolsters the services that can be offered. This bill received letters of support from the Anne Arundel County Public Library system and 13 others from across the State!

- HB519 - Bicycles, Play Vehicles, and Unicycles - Authorizations and Requirements: This bill would amend state law to say that, unless disallowed by local ordinance, a person may ride a bicycle, play vehicle, or unicycle on a sidewalk or sidewalk area - with the caveat that riders shall proceed in a safe manner, yielding to pedestrians. With the sharp increase of pedestrians who are struck by vehicles on our roads, this piece of safety legislation would ensure that our residents, children, and those who use bikes as their only means of transportation are safe on our sidewalks. This bill received letters of support from the Maryland Department of the Environment along with a number of local constituents.

- HB478 - Waterway Incident Notification System (WINS) Workgroup: This workgroup would study the feasibility of establishing a Waterway Incident Notification System to notify members of the public of active waterway emergencies involving a person at risk of death or serious bodily harm, emergency marine events, or marine hazards. This legislation received a letter of support from the Maryland Department of the Environment.

HB520 - City of Annapolis - Alcoholic Beverages - Art Establishment: This bill would allow art establishments to obtain an annual liquor license in the City of Annapolis. At present, they are only able to obtain daily licenses that are costly and time consuming to procure Our District’s cherished Maryland Hall has spent thousands of dollars, and hundreds of employee hours a year obtaining daily liquor licenses for their events. These events provide critical revenue for Maryland Hall that allows them to host art exhibits for the community's enjoyment.

If you have ANY questions about my legislative agenda for this session, stay tuned to this newsletter and my social media or send an email to!


2023 Reproductive Health Care Legislation

Last year, I co-sponsored, voted for and voted to override the veto of the Abortion Care Access Act. This bill was a critical step in expanding access to abortion health care services for all Marylanders. However, shortly after the passing of this bill we heard the devastating Dobbs v. Jackson decision and learned that the Supreme Court no longer recognizes that the fundamental right to privacy protects our ability to make our own reproductive health provisions. A decision that I had worked the majority of my career to avoid by protecting this fundamental right to healthcare.

In response, my colleagues have drafted a robust package of legislation. Two weeks ago, Governor Wes Moore, Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones, and Senate President Bill Ferguson organized a coordinated press conference to announce this legislation. Below I have highlighted the legislation included in this package, and I support all of these pieces of legislation:

- The Right to Reproductive Freedom (HB705): enables a ballot measure to constitutionally enshrine the rights of Marylanders to reproductive freedom. ready for your content.

- Reproductive Health Protections (HB808): protects patients, providers, and people supporting out-of-state patients seeking reproductive health care in Maryland from criminal, civil, and administrative actions from restrictive states.

- Reproductive Health Protections (HB808): protects patients, providers, and people supporting out-of-state patients seeking reproductive health care in Maryland from criminal, civil, and administrative actions from restrictive states.

- Privacy Protections for Reproductive Health Records (HB812/SB786): provides additional privacy protections for medical records to reduce the risk of criminal prosecution or civil litigation for out-of-state patients seeking reproductive care in Maryland.


District 30 District Night!

Please join myself, Senator Sarah Elfreth, Delegate Shaneka Henson, and Delegate Seth Howard on Monday February 27th for our annual District night to celebrate the legislative session, hear about the work we are doing on behalf of Marylanders, and enjoy some great local food! To RSVP, please click here!


All Female Pilots for Super Bowl Flyover!

In preparation for Women’s history month, I want to highlight this historic group of female pilots for being the first all-female team to perform the Super Bowl flyover! This flyover commemorated 50 years since women were allowed to become U.S. Navy pilots. For more information, visit here!


Join the City of Annapolis for a Black History Month Celebration!

On February 24, at City Hall, the City of Annapolis will host a Black History Month celebration in City Council Chambers. This will include music and poetry, special guest speakers and food. That begins at 6 p.m. and is a ticketed event. Tickets are free, use the EventBrite link here!


Annapolis Symphony Orchestra Present Mahler’s “Tragic” Symphony No.6

Join the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra for an evening of incredible music when Artistic Director and Conductor JoséLuis Novo presents Gustav Mahler's "Tragic" Symphony No. 6, a rarely performed piece famous for the huge size of the orchestra, special instrumentation, and deep emotion.

Symphony No. 6 requires a larger orchestra than is typical. For example, in Masterworks 2 and 3, the ASOemployed about 73 musicians. For Masterworks 4, the Maryland Hall stage will be filled with almost 100 musicians. This symphony requires instruments not typically seen in an orchestra, most notably Mahler's Box and Mahler's Hammer.

Because of the logistics and difficult musical nuances, "Tragic" is rarely performed. In fact, this is the first time Artistic Director and Conductor Maestro José-Luis Novo will play this moving and beautiful music in Annapolis. The performance will be held March 3rd and 4th at Maryland Hall. Get Your tickets at Student tickets are just $10.


Annapolis Pride Legislative Reception!

What a great breakfast this morning with many of my friends and colleagues at the Annapolis Pride Breakfast! Great to hear from their Board Chair, Joe Toolan, on their legislative agenda and their outlook for the year. Looking forward to supporting all of their priorities during this Session, and celebrating with them at their annual Annapolis Pride Parade on June 3rd! Please sign-up HERE to walk with me!


The Life of Jackie Robinson with the Library

Join Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library on Saturday, February 25 at 10:30 am to experience the Bright Star Touring Theatre production of Jackie Robinson!

Learn about the life of Jackie Robinson, the first Black baseball player to cross the color lines in the Major Leagues.

Visit to register and learn more.


You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about volunteer opportunities, community resources, legislative updates and much more. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact my office by email at or by phone at 410-841-3211.

Stay safe and healthy,

Delegate Dana Jones District 30A, Annapolis & Anne Arundel County


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