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End of Session Letters

  • 2024 Projects
    In 2024, we delivered $29,371,816 million in funding for District 30A and Anne Arundel County which I and our Senator Sarah Elfreth, in coordination with the Governor, have secured for projects to better the infrastructure and economy of this district. Annapolis Middle School Field Lights ($500,000) Choice Neighborhood Initiative - Eastport ($1,000,000) Parole Communications tower ($1,000,000) Annapolis City Dock Flood Mitigation ($3,000,000) Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts ($1,100,000) Revolutionary War Memorial for Black Soldiers on State Government Complex ($250,000) Historic Annapolis Restorations ($3,100,000) Anne Arundel County Multicultural Center ($5,000,000) State Police Barracks - Annapolis ($113,000)  Annapolis Maritime Museum ($42,500) Annapolis Skatepark at Truxton Park ($50,000) History of the Annapolis Five - Road Marker ($20,000) MD Society of the Sons of the American Revolutionary War Memorial ($250,000) Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds ($100,000) Crownsville Veterans Cemetery ($1,112,000) William Paca Garden ADA Accessibility ($75,000) Earl Chesapeake Conservation Center ($100,000) University of Maryland BW Medical Center Cardiac Center ($2,000,000) Anne Arundel County Food Bank - Refrigerated Delivery Truck ($160,000) Anne Arundel Community College - Florestano Building ($6,515,000) London Town and Gardens - ADA Parking Lot ($100,000) Anne Arundel County Firefighters Firemark Building ($1,000,000) Luminous Health Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Department ($1,400,000) George Phillips Jr. Recovery Community Center ($175,000) Eastport Heroes Park ($70,000) Wiley H Bates Legacy Center ($25,000) Historic Annapolis Programs Funding ($1,074,100) Annapolis Maritime Museum Programs Funding ($40,216)
  • 2023 Projects
    In 2023, we crafted and passed a balanced budget that includes $122 million to aid local police departments; $40 million will go toward State support for crime victim services of domestic violence, rape, and other crimes; $160 million toward supporting State parks and forests; $60 million toward Chesapeake Bay restoration; and almost $200 million reserved for tax relief including funding for the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, and new tax cuts for Veterans. Anne Arundel County Joint 911 Center ($10,000,000) Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park ($5,000,000) Historic Annapolis ($3,000,000) Annapolis City Dock Flood Mitigation ($3,000,000) AACO Food Bank ($200,000) Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000,000) South Shore Park ($1,000,000) Anne Arundel County Trails ($1,000,000) AAMC Adult Behavioral Health Suite ($863,000) Anne Arundel Community College Florestano Building ($720,000) Hospice of the Chesapeake ($300,000) Chesapeake Bay Trust Green Campus ($250,000) Charles “Hoppy” Adams Jr. House Restoration - Annapolis ($145,000) Anne Arundel County FairGrounds ($152,000) Stanton Community Center Water Access Dock ($100,000) William Paca Garden ADA Accessibility ($100,000) The Bernie House - domestic violence transitional housing ($100,000) Peerless Rens ($75,000) Naval Academy Primary School - NAPS ($75,000) Annapolis Dragon Boat Foundation ($55,000) Elks Camp Barrett ($50,000) Chesapeake Bay Foundation ($50,000) Eastport Veterans Park ($30,000) HoopBus - Non-Profit Youth Engagement Bus ($25,000)
  • 2022 Projects
    This year, working with my fellow Delegation members, in coordination with the Governor’s Office, I helped to secure nearly $70 million in funding for the district. This includes $1,200,000 dedicated to the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation for the acquisition of Carrs and Sparrows Beach to preserve these historic properties, converting them into a state park where Marylanders can enjoy the outdoors while learning about their rich history. Additionally, we have secured funds for three dozen capital projects for numerous different community projects. Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park ($26,000,000) City Dock Stormwater & Flood Mitigation ($10,000,000) Anne Arundel County Local Parks, ($5,350,000) Historic Annapolis Restoration of the Brice House ($3,000,000) and an additional $970,000 for operating costs Girl Scouts Central Maryland Camp Woodlands ($2,000,000) Newtowne Community Resource Center ($1,500,000) New Courts of Appeal Building in Annapolis ($830,000) Truxtun Park Improvements ($700,000) Stanton Community Center Renovation ($600,000) Anne Arundel Medical Center ($600,000) Aging Schools Program ($506,038) The Summit School ($500,000) South Shore Bike Trail ($500,000) Moving Annapolis Utilities Underground ($500,000) YWCA Trafficking Safe House ($350,000) Monarch Academy Gym ($325,000) Anne Arundel County Food Bank ($250,000) Improvements to our local Maryland State Police Barrack ($232,000) Sandy Point State Park Critical Maintenance Program ($180,000) Annapolis Maritime Museum ($190,216) Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse ($150,000) Highland Beach Community Pavilion ($125,000) Hillsmere Shores Restoration ($109,000) Anne Arundel County SPCA ($100,000) The Annapolis Ancient City Lodge No. 175 ($100,000) Upgrades to the Annapolis Middle School’s Athletic Facilities ($100,000) Rise and Shine Bakery ($100,000) The Annapolis Universal Lodge No. 14 ($100,000) Wellness House of Annapolis ($100,000) Acton’s Cove Park ($100,000) Langton Green Community Farm ($100,000) Woodside Gardens Track ($100,000) Crownsville Hospital Patient Cemetery Memorial ($100,000) Hammond-Harwood House Preservation/ Improvements ($75,000)
  • 2021 Projects
    Local Parks and Playgrounds ($9,000,000) for Anne Arundel County and ($1,000,000) for the City of Annapolis St. John's College Renovations ($5,000,000) City Dock Stormwater & Flood Mitigation ($1,400,000) Historic Annapolis ($1,000,000) Stanton Community Center ($500,000) Anne Arundel Medical Center ($336,000) Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) ( $325,000) Undergrounding of utilities ($250,000) Brewer Hill Cemetery ($100,000) Banneker-Douglass Museum ($75,000 ) Peerless Rens Club ($70,000) PAL Park Athletic League ($45,000) Chesapeake Children’s Museum ($25,000) Chesapeake Conservancy Community Garden of Edgewater ($10,000)
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