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4 Days Left ⏰

This week THREE more of my bills have hit the floor. Even though we’re past Crossover and Sine Die is quickly approaching, I am proud of these legislative accomplishments in our final days of Session.

HB 340, my campaign finance bill will strengthen our current campaign finance laws, and give prosecutors the tools necessary to hold those who maliciously break the law accountable.

HB 753, a bill that will alleviate the challenges of hiring qualified bus drivers. This bill will help local jurisdictions identify issues related to school bus driver wages so they can make more informed decisions about how to attract and retain these desperately needed employees and will help ensure all students have access to safe and reliable transportation to and from school.

HB 386, this bill will help businesses in our district get essential relief when a natural disaster hits. The critical need for this bill became clear after the state’s response to the tornado that hit our community last fall. Dozens of businesses sustained devastating damage, some completely destroyed. Unlike the response to the October floods, the Governor did not declare a State of Emergency and our State was unable to receive a FEMA disaster declaration and counties were not able to distribute certain relief funds. This legislation will fix the problem we saw in the aftermath of the tornado by creating a process in which local SMWOB fund managers can issue grants in the case of a local emergency declaration - rather than just in Federal or State.

As we head into the final week, I am looking forward to the accomplishments of the General Assembly in the final days of session.

Diaper Bill Signed, Sealed & Delivered!

Last week, I was able to attend the bill signing of a series of bills that I was proud to support, including my bill HB282, which exempts diapers from sales tax. HB 288, a bill I also sponsored alongside Delegate Brian Crosby, exempts baby car seats, bottles, and baby bottle accessories from sales tax. This package of legislation will provide $300 million in tax relief for Maryland families over the next five years.

Delegate Dana Jones Scholarship - Applications Open!

Each year, State Legislators have the honor of granting scholarships to eligible students from their home district. The Maryland Delegate Scholarship Program provides funds for enrollment in undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies at approved colleges, universities, and private career (or vocational) schools in the State of Maryland to eligible students. We are accepting applications for our 2022 - 2023 legislative scholarship through May 13th, 2022.

You can learn more about my scholarship on my website or apply HERE. If you have any questions, please contact our office at or at 410-841-3211.

Hoppy Adams Scholarship Foundation Essay Contest

The Hoppy Adams Foundation has announced its Annual High School Essay Contest. Each participant must write an original essay of 200 - 400 words on one of two topics:

  • "How has the pandemic shaped your educational trajectory?” or

  • "Do you believe wearing a mask impedes on your personal freedom/rights?”

This contest is open to any Annapolis area high school senior who is graduating this spring. There are three awards: $1500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $750 for third place. Essays must be submitted by April 18, 2022. Essays can be mailed to the Hoppy Adams Foundation, 2100 Bay Ridge Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403. For more information go to or contact Ms. Gardenia Henson, Executive Director at 410-266-6996.

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in Annapolis

Saturday was a beautiful day to walk through Annapolis celebrating the life and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you to the 2022 Grand Marshal, our very own Speaker Adrienne Jones for joining the District 30 team!

Celebrating National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! Throughout the month, with Maggie Benshaw, Annapolis Poet Laureate, Annapolis will celebrate the beauty that is poetry.

There will be several events held throughout the City throughout the month of April. The next event will be Poetic Musings, an adult poetry and open mic night at ArtFarm Studios at 7pm on Friday, April 22.

You can find more events and sign up to participate here!

Flood Awareness Month

April is the second Maryland Flood Awareness Month. Flooding is the number one natural hazard in Maryland. Annapolis’ miles of river, creek, and stream shoreline make properties, roads, and bridges, particularly at risk from the effects of regular tidal (or nuisance) flooding as well as storm surge as we’ve seen from the historic flooding events in recent years. Annapolis residents should know the difference between a flood watch and flood warning. A watch indicates that flooding is possible, a warning indicates that flooding has already begun or will begin soon in the area.

The Office of Emergency Management is asking residents to know, plan and act. Know your flood vulnerability. Plan ahead of time in the event that your home or business is affected by floods. Finally, Act by sharing your knowledge with friends and neighbors. Follow the OEM this month for more tips and information on how to be prepared. You can get more flood preparedness information here.

Poor People’s Campaign

The Maryland Chapter of the Poor People’s Campaign is fighting to end poverty. Poverty destroys lives, shatters dreams, and devastates and traumatizes communities. Here in Maryland, poverty is on the rise. Everybody has the right to live and thrive. You can support their campaign to enact a Resolution to End Poverty right here in Maryland.

Love Our Libraries

This weekend, join Discoveries at the Mall for “Second Saturday Service Project,” Saturday, April 9 at 2 pm. This program allows kids to participate in a variety of hands-on service projects benefiting the local community. Additionally, students who participate can receive service hours by logging into the AACPS Service Learning Portal. More information here.

I encourage everyone to follow the Anne Arundel County Public Library’s Facebook page to get updates on programs and new resources. You can check out their calendar to find the perfect event for you and your family to enjoy!

End of Session Update

The 2022 Legislative Session ends at midnight on Monday, April 11th. Stay tuned for our end-of-session update coming soon! We’ll share legislative accomplishments, as well as the capital projects we’ve been able to support throughout the district. Look for the hard copy in your mailbox in the next few weeks.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets a Ship!

The United States Navy recently announced that they will be naming a ship after United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. For more than half a century, Ruth Bader Ginsberg fought for women’s rights before her death in 2020. The ship will be a John Lewis-class replenishment oiler ship designed to carry fuel to the Navy’s operating carrier strike groups.

This class of ships are named in honor of the late Rep. John Lewis, a stalwart of the civil rights movement. All of the ships in this class are named to honor leaders who have fought for civil and human rights. Other ships in the class are named after Harvey Milk, Robert F. Kennedy, and Supreme Court Justices Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit my new website to learn about volunteer opportunities, community resources, COVID-19 updates, and much more. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact my office by email at or by phone at 410-841-3211.

Stay safe and healthy,

Delegate Dana Jones District 30A, Annapolis & Anne Arundel County

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