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2022 Legislative Session 

In the 2022 Session, I sponsored thirteen bills, eight of which I’m proud to say passed the House, all with bipartisan support and some unanimously.  In coordination with the Governor’s Office and my fellow Delegation members, I helped to secure nearly $70 million in funding for the district. This includes $1,200,000 dedicated to the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation for the acquisition of Carrs and Sparrows Beach to preserve these historic properties and $10,000,000 for the Annapolis City Dock storm water & flood mitigation project. Additionally, we have secured funds for three dozen capital projects for numerous different community projects, including;

2022 Capital Projects:

  • Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park ($26,000,000) 

  • City Dock Stormwater & Flood Mitigation ($10,000,000)

  • Anne Arundel County Local Parks, ($5,350,000)

  • Historic Annapolis Restoration of the  Brice House ($3,000,000) and an additional $970,000 for operating costs

  • Girl Scouts Central Maryland Camp Woodlands ($2,000,000)

  • Newtowne Community Resource Center ($1,500,000)

  • New Courts of Appeal Building in Annapolis ($830,000)

  • Truxtun Park Improvements ($700,000)

  • Stanton Community Center Renovation ($600,000)

  • Anne Arundel Medical Center ($600,000)

  • Aging Schools Program ($506,038)

  • The Summit School ($500,000)

  • South Shore Bike Trail ($500,000)

  • Moving Annapolis Utilities Underground ($500,000)

  • YWCA Trafficking Safe House ($350,000)

  • Monarch Academy Gym ($325,000)

  • Anne Arundel County Food Bank ($250,000)

  • Improvements to our local Maryland State Police Barrack ($232,000)

  • Sandy Point State Park  Critical Maintenance Program ($180,000)

  • Annapolis Maritime Museum ($190,216) 

  • Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse  ($150,000)

  • Highland Beach Community Pavilion ($125,000)

  • Hillsmere Shores Restoration ($109,000)

  • Anne Arundel County SPCA  ($100,000) 

  • The Annapolis Ancient City Lodge No. 175 ($100,000) 

  • Upgrades to the Annapolis Middle School’s Athletic Facilities ($100,000)

  • Rise and Shine Bakery ($100,000)

  • The Annapolis Universal Lodge No. 14 ($100,000)

  • Wellness House of Annapolis ($100,000) 

  • Acton’s Cove Park ($100,000)

  • Langton Green Community Farm ($100,000)

  • Woodside Gardens Track ($100,000)

  • Crownsville Hospital Patient Cemetery Memorial ($100,000)

  • Hammond-Harwood House Preservation/ Improvements  ($75,000)

Supporting our Small Businesses & Non-profits

My bill,  HB 386 would expand and streamline the ability of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County to distribute relief money to small businesses and nonprofits who are in need after a natural disaster. The critical need for this legislation became clear last fall when a EF-2 tornado tore through the district and dozens of businesses sustained devastating damage. Unlike the response to the floods of October 2021, there was not a State of Emergency declared. Therefore, Maryland was unable to receive FEMA assistance and counties were not able to distribute certain relief funds. HB 386 would fix the problems seen in the aftermath of the tornado by allowing the Anne Arundel Small Minority and Women-Owned Business Account (SMWOBA) fund manager to issue grants in the case of a *local* emergency declaration - rather than just in Federal or State.

Targeting Crime in our Community

Like many of you, I am heartbroken, angry, and devastated over the senseless gunfire that has shattered the lives of families in Annapolis over the past year. I have had, and continue to have, ongoing conversations with law enforcement and our local partners about how we can better protect our residents and I am committed to working with my colleagues here in the legislature to better address violent crime in our communities. In the 2022 Session I supported several bills to address violent crime, including:

HB 425 addresses untraceable “ghost guns” on our streets by closing the loophole that has allowed for this new unregulated firearm market to exist. I am both proud and frankly relieved that the Maryland House chose to take this step in addressing gun violence in our state to better the health and safety of our residents. I additionally supported Republican Minority Leader Jason Buckel’s amendment on HB 425 that would have classified the theft of a firearm as a felony and established stricter penalties for this crime. We have experienced too much crime and gun violence here in Annapolis and across the state. I believe it's past time that we take action against these acts of violence. 

HB 1021  requires firearm dealers to put common sense security features like video cameras, burglary systems and safes in their shops to prevent stolen firearms. These enhanced security measures will prevent stolen firearms from going on the black market and used to commit crimes. 

SB 763 requires judicial transparency measures to be implemented by the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy. Specifically, the Commission must collect and publish information for sentences involving a crime of violence, which will ensure more accountability from our courts. Too many repeat offenders are released back on our streets. 

Tracking Firearm Crimes - PASSED & On the Governor’s Desk

SB 861 establishes and funds the Maryland State Police Gun Center. This gun center is responsible for the statewide tracking, screening, and vetting of all firearm crimes committed in the State. This will give our state police the data they need to investigate all firearm crimes so that we can get more criminals off the street. 

HB 1018 gives additional support to the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services to help bolster efforts in identifying and treating at-risk Marylanders. The bill will help to certify additional peer support specialists, provide additional funding for regional training workshops and behavioral health screenings, and improve behavioral health crisis responses to help save lives.

Voting for Tax Relief

This Session, Speaker Adrienne Jones, Majority Leader Eric Luedtke, and Chairwoman Vanessa Atterbeary, announced the Family Budget Boosters tax relief package to help bring relief to Maryland families. I sponsored two of the six bills in this package; My bill HB 282 exempts diapers from sales taxes while, HB 288 for whom I partnered with Delegate Brian Crosby, exempts baby car seats, bottles & baby bottles accessories from sales tax. This package of bills for which I was the co-sponsor on the remaining four, will save Marylanders $300 million over the next five years in targeted tax relief. 


Additionally, I co-sponsored HB 1486 which made Maryland the first state in the nation to suspend the motor fuel tax. Maryland families are suffering from sky-high gasoline prices. This legislation provided $93.6 million in relief to help Marylanders get through this tumultuous time as we allow gas prices to stabilize. 

For Retirees:

  • HB 420/SB 405, a bipartisan bill to bring overdue tax relief for retirees aged 65 and older making up to $100,000 in retirement income (or  $150,000 for married couples). This bill will provide 80% of Maryland retirees substantial tax relief, and  in some cases, no state income tax at all, providing $1.55 billion in relief. 

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